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Your Obligations

You have certain obligations  to meet when you owe money to your creditors.


You are legally responsible for paying a debt that you legitimately owe. Where you owe a debt you should:


  • ​not attempt to avoid your obligations

  • maintain contact with your Creditors or their nominated debt collection agency where you are experiencing financial difficulty and attempt to negotiate a variation in payments or make other alternate arrangements

  • be candid about your financial position including disclosure of your other debts

If you are experiencing financial difficulty you should contact us without delay to negotiate a repayment arrangement, explain your circumstances or ask for more time to pay your debt. You should act before your situation becomes unmanageable. Where possible we will try and assist you in meeting your obligations however at times of stress you may find it necessary to engage the services of an independent person / organisation who may be able to assist you.

Assistance may be available from community-based financial counsellors, such as the National Debt Helpline, a solicitor or other qualified advisers.


We believe that every consumer has the right to be educated about their rights and obligations when conducting their financial affairs.

Downloads & Links

Vulnerable Persons Factsheet

National Debt Helpline

Dealing with Debt Collectors | Your Rights & Responsibilities

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