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Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is maintained and respected.


We take privacy seriously and comply with the Privacy Act 1988 ("The Privacy Act"), the Australian Privacy Principles ("APPs), the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014 ("CR Code") as we as all other applicable State and Federal laws and codes.

We only collect personal information as required and/or authorised by law. The Privacy Act authorises us to collect personal information in different ways and where certain circumstances are met. The way and circumstances are contained in this Privacy Policy.

Defining Personal Information

​Personal information is information or an opinion about an individual:


  • ​whether the information or opinion is true or not; and

  • whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not

The type of information that we collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • your name

  • your contact details such as your address, email address, phone numbers, etc

  • your date of birth

  • gender

  • marital status

  • number and age of dependents

  • occupation and employment information

  • financial information, including but not limited to, account information, assets, liabilities, income and expenditure

  • whether you are subject to pending or completed legal proceedings

Other information that we may collect relates to credit information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • your credit history

  • the type and amount of credit you may apply for

  • your repayment history

  • default information


Collecting Personal Information

​We collect personal information from several sources. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • you

  • people you have authorised to act for you such as solicitors and financial counsellors

  • family, friends and other associates

  • publicly available information sources

  • credit reporting bodies

  • other credit providers

We collect your personal information to perform our primary function or activities associated with that primary function. The personal information we collect is used so that we can:

  • identify you

  • contact you

  • provide you with information about our products and services

  • enter into repayment arrangements with you

  • respond promptly to your enquiries

  • comply with relevant State and Federal laws and regulations

Unless we have your consent or are permitted by law, personal information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected, or in the case of sensitive information, directly related to our primary purpose.

Protecting Personal Information

​We protect your personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and modification and are committed to ensuring the security of this information. We may protect your information by:


  • encrypting certain records

  • ensuring database security and record security through complex password protection measures

  • training

Collecting Sensitive Information

​In the course of performing our primary function or activities associated with that primary function, sensitive information may be collected. We may only collect sensitive information with your consent and where we are legally authorised to do so.

Sensitive information such as your tax file number, Medicare number, drivers licence or other
government-issued identifiers will not be used as an account number or as an account identifier however these may be used to prove your identity when you speak with us.

Disclosure of Personal Information

​Your personal information may be disclosed as authorised or required by law. This may mean that your personal information is disclosed to:

  • Courts and Tribunals

  • our legal representatives

  • your legal and/or financial representatives

  • agents we engage to act for and on our behalf

  • our service providers for outsourced functions such as document storage facilities, mailing companies, process servers, etc

  • any other person you consent to act for and on your behalf

Disclosure to Credit Reporting Bodies

​Credit-related personal information may be disclosed to a Credit Reporting Body ("CRB").

Where your personal information is disclosed to a CRB this information contains information to other credit providers to assist them in assessing your creditworthiness. Information may be disclosed by us to:

Equifax Pty Ltd




13 8332

PO Box 964

North Sydney NSW 2059

For information on how a CRB manages credit-related information, you should contact them directly.

Accessing Your Personal Information

​You have the right to access any personal information we hold about you and for that information to be corrected. You can request to access your personal information by sending an email to us.

There are circumstances where we may refuse to provide you with personal information. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • where providing the information would breach the privacy of another

  • providing access would reveal our intentions about our negotiations with you and would prejudice those negotiations

  • the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings and would not be discoverable during those proceedings

  • providing access would be unlawful

  • denying access is otherwise required or authorised by law

  • the request for access is frivolous vexatious

If we refuse to provide you access, we will provide you with an explanation. Depending on the complexity of your request or the information being sought we aim to respond to any access request within 20 business days.

A fee is not payable for requesting to access your information however depending on the complexity and information being sought a fee may apply to cover our costs in copying, collating and providing certain information to you. Upon receipt of your request, we will advise if a fee will be payable and if so the amount. Where a fee is payable, your personal information will not be released until payment of the fee.

Website Cookies

​Our website uses cookies which are small text files that a website may place on your PC or mobile device.


You may set your internet browser to refuse cookies however the functionality of our site may be impacted and may not provide you with the best user experience.


​If you believe that we have breached the Privacy Act, APPS, CR Code or this Privacy Policy you should contact us.

We will endeavour to deal with your complaint as soon as possible. If we are unable to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction you may refer your complaint to the original creditor or where the debt is owed by us to a recognised External Dispute Resolution Scheme. We are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority ("AFCA"). AFCA is an impartial dispute resolution service that is free for consumers to access. They can be reached online or on 1800 931 678 (free call).

You may also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner ("OAIC") by visiting them online.


Contacting Us

​You can contact us at any time at:

LCollect Pty Ltd




(02) 8923-1600

Level 21, 133 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Keep In Touch

Remember to keep in contact with us so we can help you.

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