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Vulnerable Persons Policy

Learn about our approach to vulnerable people and the available options.



1 About This Policy

This guide only relates to debts purchased by us under a Notice of Assignment. All other debts  managed by us are subject to our client's own policy.

2 What Is a Vulnerable Person?

​We define a vulnerable person(s) as someone who is exposed and susceptible to harm or loss. This may be temporary, sporadic or a permanent situation. We want to ensure that people identified as vulnerable are treated with empathy, understanding, sympathy, sensitivity, compassion and respect.

3 Are You Vulnerable?

You may not realise it, but you may be vulnerable if you are experiencing one or more of the following circumstances:

  • you have a mental or physical illness and / or disability

  • you have experienced or are experiencing domestic or family violence

  • you are elderly

  • you have recently suffered a close family tragedy

  • you have been subject to financial abuse

  • you come from a culturally or linguistically diverse background

  • have a low financial literacy

  • you reside in a remote area

  • you have recently been impacted by a natural disaster

  • have suffered an addiction or have other behavioural challenges

  • there are other factors contributing to significant detriment

4 What We Can Do To Assist You


Where you, your authorised representative or a member of our team identify you as being a vulnerable person we will provide you with a number of options including:

  • providing a moratorium on payments, interest, fees and charges (where applicable)

  • deferring collection action for a period of time

  • advising our client that we have identified you as a vulnerable person

  • referring you to relevant support services

5 Meeting Your Needs

We take social responsibility seriously and will make every attempt to meet your needs during this difficult period.

Please indicate to us:

  • if you have a particular preference for communication

  • if you have a preferred time for communication that is more convenient to your situation

  • if you are unsure of something or require clarification

  • if you would like your account manager by another account manager

  • if there are thoughts of inflicting self-harm

6 Support Services Are Available

If you are experiencing difficulties in managing your debt or your personal circumstances, these services may be able to assist you:





13 11 14

Crisis counselling service





1800 737 732

domestic and family violence and sexual assult line

Beyond Blue




1300 224 636

Support for people with anxiety or depression

National Debt Helpline




1800 007 007

Free financial counselling

National Association of Community Legal Centres




(02) 9264-9595

Legal services to those with special needs and at a disadvantage

Keep In Touch

Remember to keep in contact with us so we can help you.

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